Debut Album now on Itunes! Listen here..

Surf, Skate, Music, Snow!!!!  Check out "Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored", the debut Album from Timothy H*. Available now on itunes and CD Baby!!! First single "It's A Good Day"... listen to it here!!  Get Timothy H and his Southern California beach rock in your headphones for the summer!!

Timothy H* @BEACHFEST pacific beach California.... Beer, local music, food..on the beach!!!:)

PAcific Beach, San Diego


Beachfest in Pacific Beach California.... Timothy H* 12pm HIGH NOON!!!!



Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored

"This Album has it all!"...

The reviews are in!!!!  Timothy H music, from San Diego California, get's the first reviews on itunes, for debut album "Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored"!!!!

  " A must have for the summer"....  from  South Mission Beach. San Diego Ca.
"Great Listen from beginning to end"....  Max  Schaerli, Chicago Il.      
          ............  Thanks guys! Keep em' comin'


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